Nate1 Kalt

Sales Manager

I am Nathaniel Kalt ITEX broker. ( International Trade Exchange). business to business solutions My vision is to create opportunities for family , friends and businesses of all kinds. ITEX has a large membership base not only in Omaha but nationwide aswell.  ITEX in Omaha is a business to business solutions company. We help businesses and entrepreneurs use business to business currency / alternative currency to better utilize their product or services to offset cash expenses. I work with clients to broker trades through ITEX, the business to business currency, to generate new cleints through ITEX ITEX in Omaha has been in operation for 21 years now. This is a family ran Company. Second generation ITEX broker and I cannot wait to meet you. Nathaniel Strengths * Strong sense of urgency to get things done expediently. * Self-starter, and an active agent in everything you do. * Able to react and adapt quickly to change in projects or activities. * Has the potential to be an engaging presenter. * Able to delegate responsibility to others in an enthusiastic and personable way. * An excellent team player, very effective at training or developing others. * capable to think quickly on their feet.